THE-REMOTE Starter Kit

THE-REMOTE Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Transmitter

2 x Receivers

THE-REMOTE transmitter can be used with several receivers. This starter kit enables you to setup two feeders at a lower cost.

Nothing is worse than having your hunt ruined because you forgot to change your feed times before your big hunt. This problem can be avoided and with added benefit with the THE-REMOTE.

THE-REMOTE is an easy to install and worthwhile upgrade for your feeders. It gives you the ability to remotely activate you feeder covertly and at your convenience. 

THE-REMOTE works for both 6 or 12 volt feeders and can be activated up to 175 yards away. It also has very low power usage so it doesn't drain your feeder battery (less than 1/3 mA).It is a very popular upgrade for people with road feeders. It can be used with a road feeder so you don't need to run a long power cable from your feeder to your cigarette lighter.