HCR Timer

This timer is HCR's tried and true digital timer.

This timer is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. Able to run both 12v and 6v feeders.

Timer may be set to four programs in a 24-hour period, and feed up to 30 seconds per feed time. When testing, a 5 second delay allows you to time to walk a safe distance away for a field test.

The unit is supplied with a 6 pin wire harness with 2 battery terminals and bullet type motor harness.


1. Open back, and put 2 new AA batteries. (Batteries not included.)

2. Turn knob to set:

  • RUN: Set knob here to run programs after setting.
  • SET CLOCK: Use hours and minutes only to set time.
  • PROGRAMS 1-4: Use hours, minutes, and seconds button to set desired feed times. (If you need less than 4 times, leave the extras blank.)
  • RUN TIME: Use seconds only to set length of run time.

3. TEST BUTTON: Press and walk away. A 5 second delay allows time for walking to a safe distance.

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