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Advantage Outdoor™ Continuous Hog Trap

We caught over 750 hogs in one year with two of our 8-Panel Advantage Outdoor™ Continuous Hog Traps!

The Advantage Outdoor™ Continuous Hog Trap was designed for trapping large herds of hogs. This trap can be purchased with four, six, or eight panels. Each panel is 10' long and 6' tall and made up of galvanized wire and a reinforced galvanized steel frame. Installation and disassembly are easy with the Advantage Outdoor™ Hog Trap. Each panel is connected by 3/4" round steel rods and only require a hammer for installation.


Overall Dimensions: (8-Panel) 17' x 33' x 6'

Designed with a continuous trapping feature.

Made of a galvanized steel frame and galvanized wire.

Constructed out of 10ft. panels and one spring-loaded trap door panel.

Pinned and staked. Only a hammer is required for assembly.